Monday, May 26, 2008

Tropical Spice Garden Outing


Thank GOD for the good weather that the trip to Tropical Spice Garden is a success. This is the first outing of the year for IGNITE. YOUTH. We take off from Hunza and reached there around 2.15pm. We begin our tour with the spice trail guided by a tour guide in each group. We tour around the garden and the tour guide gave a good explanation on different spices.

After the spice trail tour, the group were break up to begin their treasure hunt with questions and a compass. We were having fun in trying to lookout for answers. The groups winners are Daniel Anthony's and Aaron Khoo's.

Then we have a short service in the cafe. Some are appointed to gave testimonies. Jimmy said that: " It is so Amazing to see the creation of God..everything that he created has a purpose!! Even spices can heal!"...

Overall it's a good time for fellowship. We went back to Hunza at 5.30pm...