Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Retirement Home '11

Ignite Youth had a trip to visit the Happy Retirement Home once again on the 29th of January.
This time around we visited them was to share the joy of Chinese New Year with them.

The youths gathered at Hunza early in the morning before heading off to the destination.

Of course we did not arrive there empty handed. We brought along variety of dishes and a gift for every residents over at the Happy Retirement Home.

The uncle in the picture above was telling me how delicious the food was.

I was quite certain he did enjoy himself throughout the time we visited them.

I was happy to see that Ignite Youth are able to bring happiness and joy to the residents. The songs we sang and the drama performed by our youths put a smile on their faces.

Before leaving, we gave each of them an angpow.

Not forgetting, everyone went round to shake their hands and wished them "Blessed Chinese New Year".

It is blessed to be a blessing for us to visit them and celebrate this festival together, regardless old or young.

By Melanie P'ng


Cara said...

I also have done a lot of charity works and I must say the most heartbreaking to see is these elders feeling alone in this world. I keep asking myself why someone would have a capacity to abandon their parents. These elders could have had an option to enjoy the rest of their lives at these retirement communities (PA). I hope they would have a heart to visit their parents one day to at least make them feel that there are people out there loving them.