Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Penang First Mega Food Fair 2009

This is the very day all of us looked forward to. Indeed, it was a successful event! Though it was tiring to those who were helping, but the joy of the Lord is our strength! So at the end of the day, we enjoyed ourselves more than we helped. Ignite-Youth has decided to help at the games corner.

              So at 8am, all of us were there to finish up the decoration and setting up the stall. Past 9am, was the official opening ceremony of the food fair. It was true indeed when our senior pastor said the whole week has been raining nonstop. But on that morning, it stopped raining for awhile, and a rainbow appeared! God truly works in ways we cannot imagine, doesn’t He?

              Through out the whole time, it was packed. Everyone was snatching to buy, being afraid the goods, beverage and food they want will be sold out. The sales were so good that some were sold out after a few hours. The best part is seeing little kids trying hard to score for the games. Some were even hooked to the play station games.

              It’s never tiring or boring doing God’s work. Somehow, you find the joy working for Him. Even though there is the H1N1 disease, still by the grace of the Lord, many turned up! Hope to help out the next food fair and see our church!

Prepared By
Melanie P’ng