Friday, September 25, 2009

Photography Workshop

It was on a Saturday, 15th of august 20 of us or maybe more have to go Hunza at 3pm for the session. And of course, most of us reached there late. Speaker of the day, bro Arden Khoo was the earliest of all. He was there before 3pm to set up everything.

If you’re wondering who is bro Arden, visit this website . With all the information he has given us, I believe all of us are one step closer to be a professional photographer. We definitely can’t store all the information in our brains, but definitely we grasped the important ones.

So now, in your own opinion what is photography? It maybe taking pictures of unforgettable moments, flashing back to old times and laugh your heart out or perhaps just for the sake of keeping it? “It’s so simple that I didn’t even think of it” said bro Arden. And certainly it was simple. Try breaking the word ‘Photography’ and you will get ‘Photo’ which means light and ‘Graphy’ means drawing or painting. So photography actually means draw or paint with light source. Simple? Hahh! I bet you didn’t think about that!

One thing you need to know is ‘no matter how good or bad is your camera or DSLR, you still need the skills to take good pictures.” It doesn’t depend on the camera for you to take pictures, it depends on you. Even if you’re using the best DSLR on earth, without skills the pictures you take wouldn’t turn out nice. In conclusion, it doesn’t mean you own a good DSLR means you’re a professional.

To take good pictures, you can visit photography blogs. Different people take different angles of pictures. You should try taking with your own camera, learn from mistakes. I guess now all of us are ready to serve the Lord in a new way. Taking pictures of ignite and inspire others!!

Prepared by
Melanie P’ng