Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every year, Ignite youths are looking forward to the camp each year. Praise the Lord, for God never fails, had bless Ignite Youth camp of 2008 abundantly. This year, the camp was held on 26th November to 28th November in Janaview Condotel, Taiping.

It was early in the morning that the youths gathered in 286 Macalister Road Sanctuary and headed off to Taiping at 8 in the morning. Supposed our first stop before the camp site is the Taiping zoo. Due to the entrance fees increased, we went to the Taiping Central Mall instead and we had our lunch there. We reached the camp site around 2 in the noon. The scenery of the golf course was breath taking! After briefing and some ice breaking, the youths were finally divided into groups and they were assigned with their leaders and roommates. The youths then went to their room to settle down and rest, some played sports and went for a swim while others preparing for the night pentecost service. After dinner at 7 evening, our service starts. God then began to move and stir the hearts of the youths as the flames in their hearts for God were once ignited again. Pastor James then preached on the word of God on our theme “Dare to make a Difference, Dare to Dream Big, With God all things are possible”. The whole session was action and power-packed! Praise God, the responses for the altar call were amazing as God spoke to the youths individually in HIS own unique and wonderful ways.

On the second day, youths woke up early to have their devotion among groups. Simple sharing of thoughts and discussions were held there. After breakfast, we started our first session of the day. We had wonderful time praising and worshipping God as God really moved in this camp. After Pastor James spoke on the word of God, we started our workshop on the title “Excellence”. We learned a lot of things and enjoyed in this workshop, thanks to Pastor James that he put words that are simple and yet powerful. After lunch, the youths were excited about the games session. All the youths gathered in the tennis court for their games organized by Kon Way and the hotel team. We played games that are not only testing your physical body, but your brain as well. After washing up and dinner, the youths were totally looking forward and ready for the night Pentecost service. God, without failing, has once again moved in the hearts of the youths. Many cried and revival took place. Praise God! God spoke to our hearts and Ignite youths were once again recharged by the Holy Spirit. HIS divine presence was so strong until the youths just want to keep worshipping the Lord. Praise the Lord.

On the last day, many were heavy hearted to go back. They were so hungry for God more. After devotion with group members and breakfast among friends, the youths were ready for their final session and workshop. The final session was action-packed as well, full with joy, high spirit and vitality. We then continued our workshop on the topic “Excellence”. After having lunch, we packed and headed back to Penang. During the journey back, most of the youths were sleeping due to tiredness. However, the spirits among the youths were energized and we are determined to keep this fire burning for God!

On Saturday, we had our one final session and workshop back in Hunza Penang. God, is a great God, is the same everywhere. HIS divine presence during the alter call was very strong and many youths were amazed by how God work things out in their lives. After revealing their angels and mortals games, we headed off our separate ways and prepare for the testimony night. That night, many testified on how God moved during the camp. Praise the Lord!

“It’s not about which camp is better, it’s about God moved in HIS own ways in different camps”
By Matthew Ho

“This year is different, instead of God asking me what to do and what not to do, God asked me to follow HIM.”
By Jimmy Quah

“I’ve made new friends during this camp and I feel much happier now”
By Alison

Report prepared by,
Low Chia-Ming.

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Clinttz said...

Great report! Fantastic to hear everyone had an awesome time! Take care crew!