Monday, November 24, 2008


Rev. James Jagjeet Singh (BTH), a Sikh converted to Christianity called to bring the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to far flung corners of nations, have been burning the soles of his shoes as he traveled the earth preaching. He brings the fire of the Holy Spirit to those who remain cold to HIS calling, to those who remain blind to HIS truths, to those who remain deaf to HIS trumpets calls. And many have been set free.

A man who earnestly seeks the heart of God, who reverence God, Rev James Singh carries a prophetic anointing to convict people to repent before the coming of the Messiah - AND THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

Rev. James Singh have traveled extensively preaching - from the jungles of Irian Jaya, to the plains of Mongolia across the plateau of Central Siberia to the rolling hills of South Africa, to the sun-soaked islands of the Mauritius - and to the cities of Indonesia, Malaysia, Eastern Europe and Singapore.

An Assembly of God of Singapore Evangelist who cut across denominational lines to network with the larger Christian Community to build God's Kingdom on earth.

He is also the author of 5 books; 'Journey with God through Prayer,' 'You shall hear my Voice,' 'Simeon's Prophetic Call,' 'His Name is SatNam,' and 'The Fear of the Lord.'

Taken From: re-Fire