Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We will have a special speaker in our midst this coming weekend (20th Sept 2008). Lets open up our heart to receive the WORD of GOD.

Some info about Pastor Luis Cabral:
Pastor Luis Cabral was born in Angola, Africa. At the age of 19, while studying to become a lawyer in Portugal, the Lord called him to the ministry. He met Alexandra in Portugal and later got married. Alexandra was an accomplished musician and music teacher when she felt the calling for the ministry.

After working in different departments of his local Church, Luis was released to preach the Word in a small church of 17 people that, in the meantime, grew to several hundred. From 1990 to 1991 they worked as a Youth Pastors and worship leaders in a large Church of several thousand.

In 1991, Luis left for Africa with his wife Alexandra, to work as Crusade managers for Evangelist Peter Pretorius and Jesus Alive Ministries. Their responsibility was the preparation of large evangelistic meetings for crowds of more than two hundred thousand people. In that capacity, they ministered in seminars with the local churches. Continue reading..