Monday, August 18, 2008

I.G.NITE! Into GOD's Nite!


It's the 3rd I.G.Nite! on last Saturday. It's was simply awesome!! It's an event that many of the youths are waiting for. Not for any games or friends but for only one reason and one purpose: To worship the LORD in Spirit and in truth.

The preparation work had been started for 2 weeks. The worship team constantly meet together to pray and to practice on their songs. Thank GOD that on last Saturday, the HOLY SPIRIT really moved mightily in our midst.

There been sweats all around as the youths were jumping and dancing in prasing and lifting the Holy Name of OUR SAVIOUR, LORD JESUS CHRIST. We were so excited and so eagerly praising GOD as the anthem of the LORD resounded!!

There were tears all around as the youths were lifting their hands on high, with the worship to our GOD resounded. GOD really touched many lives in this night.

The message shared by our youth pastor, Pas. Wai Fong, Joyanna, touches many hearts this night as we were being reminded of GOD's Love for us. Many willing to commit their lives to the LORD again and GOD's really moves throughout the Altar Call.

The night ended with the singing of the anthem of the LORD. There was totally rejoicing in the youths as they jump in praise for our GOD. Many were calling for encore even after the night ended. That was simply marvelous to see the youths on fire for JESUS!

The event, I.G.Nite! invitation has been passing around through word of mouths, SMSes and facebook. We were delight at the new faces appeared in our midst. Hope to see all of you again!!

3RD I.G.Nite! has already ended, hope to see all of you again and new friends in our 4th I.G.Nite! in October!!