Monday, July 14, 2008


Ignite Youth Men’s Night

Last Saturday, Ignite Youth had their Men’s Night! Thank God for the youths that turned up as most of them were very tired due to the church’s ground breaking ceremony on that morning. Thank God for the weather on that day.

Men’s Night Service started with pre-service prayer as the youths prepare their hearts and settle down for the service. At about half past 7, service started with the Praise and Worship session. God is good, HE never fails us as he outpoured HIS presence and love to us that night again. After Praise and worship session, Abel, Kon Way and Thomson presented a song to the youths with the title “Hallelujah”

Next, Amy and Alex shared things they have learnt when they are in the States and China. Thank God for blessing them and opening doors for them when they wanted to pray for their boss. Later on, the Men and the Ladies were separated to discuss some issues about themselves respectively. The girls went to the New Lot whereas the guys stayed in the sanctuary. For men, they learned about things which appeared to be not a sin but actually it is sin. For girls, they learned about wearing proper attire.

After that, Jimmy, Jolene, Uncle William and Pastor Wai Fong concluded everything that has been taught. The service later ended with a word of prayer as a lot of youths have been blessed with the message that God has put them into their hearts.

Presenting the song ' Hallelujah '.

Amy Tan sharing her testimony.

Men's talk.