Monday, June 23, 2008

Amazing G-Race [Season 2]

Group Photo after the race.

14th June 2008, Saturday

Surely this is the day that the LORD has made, we rejoice and be glad in it !!!
Praise the LORD for the weather, it's a typical Malaysia sunny day, there is no rain for the rest of the race!

Location: Penang Youth Park
As early as 8.00am, many youths already gathered at the carpark that next to the amphitheater. They are excited and very eager to start the race. There are a total of 63 youths participated this year. They are assigned into 6 different teams. They are fellowshipping with each other while waiting for the race to start.

Location: Penang Youth Park
The race officially started at the blow of whistle by the chief game master, Thomson Chee. The first task: Walk around Youth Park, shot an amount of photos on the beautiful sceneries of Penang Youth Park and also pick up ten rubbishes. They were given 10 eggs for each team. The 6 teams went around the Youth Park, some shot the playground, some shot the fountain, some shot the swimming pool. The first team that report to Thomson Chee is Melissa's team, followed by Yong Wei's team, Melanie's team, Kenneth Lau's team, Brandon's Team and Chia Ming's Team.

They were given a goodies bag which consists of a alphabet-random-printed paper, Twisties, Biscults, a plastic cup with a transparent plastic bag, a calendar-pen, a box of drink and an envelope. Those teams that shot 45 photos below they were given additional 5 eggs and for 45 photos above, they get to receive additional 10 eggs.

Inside the envelope contains the clue to next station which states 'By using public buses, find your way to the Promised Land'. This simple instruction left all the teams ponders where is the 'Promised Land'. This time the game master, Chua E Joo, took this opportunity to persuade and negotiate with all six teams for 3 eggs in exchange for the answer of the 'Promised Land'. 5 teams was reluctant to give away the eggs, only 1 which is Chia Ming's Team (only team receive additional 10 eggs) exchange for the answer. Now all teams were running to beat each each other to be the first to arrive at 'Promised Land'.

Some walk to Midlands 'One Stop' Shopping Mall's bus stop, some walk to Island Hospital's bus stop. Only one purpose in their mind: to be the first that arrive at the 'Promised Land'.

Location: Promised Land
I'm sure that many of you that not with us in Amazing G-Race [Season 2] might wonder where is 'Promised Land'. Well, if you were in our church, Penang First Assembly Of GOD, will heard of this very piece of land that bless by GOD. You are right, the 'Promised Land' is Multi-Purpose Ministries Complex aka MMC.

The first team that arrived at MMC is Chia Ming's Team. After interviewed, we found out that there were actually 3 teams on the same bus to Komtar to transit another bus to MMC. According to one of their members, Matthew Ho, that he know which bus to board to MMC based on his knowledge. That is why they managed to beat others to be the first at MMC.

While waiting for the game master, Chua E Joo, they already managed to write all hidden strange code in the items that Thomson Chee gave them. They did scribble down all the numbers but they failed to figure out what they actually means.

Chua E Joo arrived. The task given to then is a huge luggage with a 'key-less' padlock on it. This padlock contains 10 numbers which they need to press the correct number to unlock it. They had three attempts with an exchange of an egg. Chia Ming use mathematical probability to unlock it. However, actually there is no need of any mathematical formula, just need to press all the 4-digits and the lock will be unlocked. All the teams didn't notice this. Actually, it was meant to confuse them.

While Chia Ming's team attempting to unlock the padlock, two teams, which are Yong Wei's team and Kenneth's team arrived at the same time. These two teams had to wait for Chia Ming's team to finish the task. Chia Ming's team succeed, they were given additional 10 eggs, another piece of alphabet-random-printed paper and an envelope. In the envelope they need to pray for the MMC land and took a picture. Then they need to go to Lebuh Cecil's market.

The sequence of the teams arrive at MMC: Chia Ming's team, Yong Wei's team, Kenneth's team, Melanie's team, Melissa's team and Brandon's team.

Location: Lebuh Cecil's market
A thousand apology to all the teams for the mistake in the printed clue that leads you to Lebuh Macallum's market. Sorry for that.

Tasks: Took all the alphabet-random-printed paper and had them scribble piece by piece together on the platic paper folder, it actually asking you to 'Find a person who sell goldfish and greet him'. Some manage to put under the sun and managed to figure out what is it.

After that they had to help a hawker at the market to wash their plates. Then they had to find the game master, Adrian Koay, and he will stop-timed and they had to stay at the market for an hour break to take their lunch. After an hour passed, they then allowed to move on to next destination.

Again, Chia Ming's team was first. They finished all tasks given and timed at 12.40pm. Different team timed at different time such as 12.50pm, 1.00pm.

Location: Hunza
This is the last station of the race.

Task: Go to Victory Cafe, look for the game master, Tang Lai Kwan. She will give RM0.60, slot the coins into the water vending machine and the whole team must drink 3 litres of water. Then unlock the coded padlock. Clues will be given after finished the task.

Chia Ming's team is the first to arrive at Hunza after boarding bus from Komtar to Lam Wah Ee Hospital and walked to Hunza.

Followed by Yong Wei's Team, Melissa's Team, Kenneth's Team, Melanie's Team and Brandon's team. After interviewed, some said they walk as far as from Penang Free School to Hunza.

Task: Took the eggs upstairs and throw it down, the team at ground floor has to catch the eggs by using their own ideas. 1st floor is 2 points, 2nd floor is 4 points, 3rd floor is 6 points and 4th floor is 8 points. They can choose which floor they want to perform the task. Points will be given to successful unbreak eggs caught.

Some use rain coats, T-Shirts and so on to catch the eggs.

Final task: Quiz time. They were given 10 quizzes per team, they had to place an egg between their legs. They will be water-bombed for each wrong answer.

All of them were wet after this final task.

All the tasks and games were played and ended. All the youths had their clothes changed and gather in the Hunza New-Lot. Testimonies were given by each representative of each team. They took a group photos then they were dismissed.

Chia Ming's Team.

Thank GOD for the success of Amazing G-Race [Season 2] as it receive much credit from all participants. For you who miss this race, you had to wait for Amazing G-Race [Season 3]!

Special Thanks To:
Our Youth Pastor
Pastor Wai Fong

Chief Game Master
Thomson Chee

Game Masters
Chua E Joo, Adrian Koay, Ch'ng Soak Kian, Tang Lai Kwan.

Jarold Tan, Vivien Tay, William Tan, Jimmy Quah, Nicholas Tan

Johnny Ooi (rain coats)

Video and camera Personnel
Gabriel Yeap and Alan Por.

Report Ends.

Report prepared by
Alan Por