Sunday, January 11, 2009



We, IGNITE YOUTH, are on fire for Jesus Christ, devoted to Father God, empowered by Holy Spirit to ignite this generation with His presence and bringing the life-changing Message into our homes, community, Penang, Malaysia and the ends of the earth.


INDOMITABLE (Taking Ownership, Ready To Serve).

GLOWING (Shine and Influence With Courage).

NON-CONFORMING (Obidience and Fear God)

INDUSTRIOUS (Excel and Live With Purpose).

TENACIOUS (Not Giving In But Standing Firm).

EXUBERENT (High Spirit And Vitality).


IGNITE-YOUTH currently is one of the youth ministries of PENANG FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD besides The Boys’ Brigade 18th Penang Company.

The first youth ministry in Penang first was known as Inter-School Christ Ambassador or ISCA. ISCA was formerly held on every Saturday afternoon at 286 Macalister Road Sanctuary. It brought a lot of youths to CHRIST over the years.

In 2005, ISCA was reformatted to be known as the Young Adults’ Service or YAS, it combined together with the C.A. (Christ Ambassador-Young Working Adults). There was a change of time and venue. YAS was moved to 7.30pm at Hunza Sanctuary, Green Lane, Its vision was to reach out to the boys and girls of the Boys’ Brigade 18th Penang and also to train and disciple both former ISCA and CA members. In the first year, our senior pastor, Rev. Marcus Tan was to oversee the of YAS work.

In 2006, YAS took up the challenge to hold a huge project known as CHEQ UP CONFERENCE. It was held on 27th to 30th of December at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang. It was a great breakthrough for as many youths rose up to serve. At the same time many of our youths experienced breakthrough in their spiritual life, as they learnt to worship the LORD spontaneously. Many youth from other places who joined us were also deeply touched by the LORD in this conference.

In 2007, YAS was rebranded and called IGNITE-Youth. Our objective is to make a distinction in our community and we are determined to be different.

IGNITE-Youth's new youth pastor is Pr. Richard Chen with the help of his wife Sis. Lim Poay Peng. Together we believe for greater things from God in IGNITE-Youth.